Rooftop morning yoga

Rooftop morning yoga

Today even though it’s a Sunday, we woke up early to participate in Petraflow‘s Sunday Morning Rooftop Yoga Flow Session at Hotel President Budapest. There’s actually not much to say. We loved it from the beginning, the vibes, the music, the people and last but not least trying out Flow Yoga turned out to be a new type of workout we both enjoyed. There a lot of stretching and short planks but eventually you’ll get used to it and go with the flow (I know, not funny). Flow yoga is a dynamic combination of asanas which stretch and strengthen you in about 90 minutes. So if you happen to stay in one night and feel energised the next morning, check out maybe there’s a nice little session you could be joining in the morning.

You can read more about Flow Yoga here or look up upcoming events if you feel like.



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