24 hours of Doha

24 hours of Doha

Tuesday morning my three months trip to Asia has officially started. On my way to Singapore in had the chance t stay a day with one of my best friend and her family, who have lived in Doha now for a few months. Doha is one of the cities where if you have a good tour guide who knows where you’re heading and what you should see you can check off most of the must see sights in one day. The real development of the city started about 15-20 years ago. Since than the city has been booming and catching up with the biggest cities in the area.

On my first (and also last) night we’ve walked around the Vilaggio, which is a mini-Venice built up on the “pearl”, which is a man-made island, just like “The Palm’ in Dubai. After this we took a Tuktuk to get home and headed to the Souq. The Souq is a centuries-old market place with cafe’s and restaurants, where you can buy literally everything starting from spices, candies and rugs all the way to living pets. The next morning we went fro a quick brunch before heading to the Museum of Islamic Art, in which we walked around too see the building from inside and outside, since it’s also a real piece of art. We couldn’t take any lectures or look at exhibition because we had some more things on our list, which were there waiting to get checked off. Also the heat started to get unbearable so we jumped in the car and went to Katara, Qatar’s cultural village, which opened just in 2010. This place, which is just on the shore of Doha is build up of huge buildings, shops, cafes monuments and more, which were  arranged in order to reflect the country’s cultural and architectural heritage. After this it was slowly time to say good-bye to Doha, head home, back up my backpack again and grab something to eat (which we did in Nando’s) before I was off to the airport, to catch my flight, this time to Singapore.

Hugs & high five!




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