Singapore – Photo diary pt.1

Singapore – Photo diary pt.1


On the first day I spent in Singapore I woke up super late, because I’m still really jetlagged I tried to check off as many must-see sights of Singapore, as possible. First, we walked through Bugis Street, which I was truly amazed by. It gives you that authentic asian overcrowded market-like feeling in the middle of this metropolis.

After this we took a walk to the Marina, to the tourist centre of the city. On the way we could already spot the Marina Bay Sands, the world-famous luxury hotel and the Singapore Flyer, which is like the eastern twin of the european London Eye. From here it would have been kind of impossible to miss the way to the Gardens by The Bay. This  is a nature park spanning more than a hundred hectares of reclaimed land in central Singapore, consisting of three waterfront gardens, many more in- and outside ones and also a lot of art installations. We spent the afternoon here, since there was a lot to see and watched the light show after sundown. After this we wandered a bit around in the Marina and  went home, beacuse we needed (or at least needed to try) to rest before our hike the next day. About that you can read more here .

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