Singapore – Photo diary pt.2

Singapore – Photo diary pt.2


I can’ t even remember where and how, but a few days ago I found a photo of a bridge in the middle of the forest, somewhere in Singapore. So the next day I woke up packed my stuff and went on an adventure in the hope of finding this place.

Luckily I’ve found a website, where they carefully explained how you could get there and which hike to choose, depending on your level of fitness and time. There was a sign that said 2.5 kms till we reach the “Tree top walk”. sure it was 2.5 kilometers, but we reached the route, that would take you to the bridge, we took that, than walked through the bridge, which was really really worth it. Than another road to get us back to “The Road” that we came on. Alll in all it ened up in a two -and-a  half hour hike in the woods and after all it was worth every second. The view was really unique ( and scary, since we were waaaaay up high, basically swinging in the air) and I guess the experience will also be remembered for a while.

Hugs & high five!









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