Chiang Mai – The Camp

Chiang Mai – The Camp

After almost a month of teaching I left Cambodia and was headed to Chiang Mai, Thailand. The place that’s famous for the elephants, tigers and amazing nature and the place ” you should be visiting” in Northern Thailand.

I got to spend my first couple of days at The Camp Chiang Mai, a beautiful glamping site just outside of the city, which I loved. This part of the city   is amazing if you like to go on runs or hikes, there’ plenty of waterfalls and temples around you could go to. I wasn’t rally desperate in the first few days to see the big city life so it was just perfect for me. There’s a barbecue every night, which is aaaamazing. They ‘ll prepare everything for you and you just basically need to put the meat and vegetables on the fire and wait until you think it’s done in the way you prefer it.

Other than that, the staff in the nicest and will help you with anything. You could plan day trips for the glamping site, but I would recommend staying a few days and relaxing and then moving to a place a bit more central and going on adventures from there. The Tiger Kingdom is just like 10 minutes away by car or scooter, but to be very honest it isn’t a place I wouldn’t recommend visiting because of some ethical concerns I have about that place. If you want to read more about that, just look for articles from legit sources, like this one.

I sadly got sick on my last night here so I couldn’t do all the hikes I’ve wanted to but the next day when I got to the city I was definitely ready to explore Chiang Mai in the two days I had left before I was headed to Krabi.

About my last days in the city you can read more about here.

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